Environment & Prop Capture

  Stargate Studios Malta offers scanning and photogrammetry services for the digitisation of environments and sets for VFX, game-engine and virtual production. Whether it’s a complex and detailed interior of a cathedral or an exterior location exposed to the forces of nature we can guide you through what is possible to acquire in the budget … Read More

Showcase (Home Page)

Testament: The Story of Moses Miss Fallaci takes America Blanca 2 Bodies For Her Sins SNIPER: G.R.I.T. A Million Miles Away One Piece Insidious Black Mirror Fancy Dance The Net I Viaggiatori Il Grande Gocio Sposa in Rosso Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Ombra di Caravaggio Incastrati Bla Bla Baby Blanca Leonardo Luzzu Lasciami … Read More