The Government of Malta has recently upgraded the cash rebates for filmmakers making the financial guidelines more attractive to the film industry. Productions can benefit from a rebate up to 40% of eligible expenditure. Qualifying productions are required to present a provisional application to the Malta Film Commission, including a detailed projection of the Malta budget for the production. The rebate is given once filming or VFX work is complete and on receipt of the audit report and upon final review by the Commissioner, the cash rebate is forwarded to the qualifying production no later than five months from the date of receipt of the presented production expenditure in Malta.

Stargate Studios Malta will facilitate foreign production companies in applying for the cash rebate on any VFX work done at our studio. We've streamlined the process to expedite the application by creating a secure online form to compile all the relevant data needed. Feature film, Television film or Television Series or Mini-Series, Animation, Creative documentary, Transmedia and Cross-media productions are all eligible for the incentives, provided that there is a minimum spend of €100,000 in Malta.