Sotto copertura: La cattura di Zagaria

Produced by LuxVide, RaiĀ 

Directed by Giulio Manfredonia

After 13 months from the capture of Antonio Lovine, the new head of the Casalesi clan Michele Zagaria brings together the other Camorristi and explains how to reorganize themselves freeing themselves from the infamous Lucia Franzese. The boss and a ruthless businessman from his inaccessible bunker of the Ventriglia house, manages his terrible traffic. Commissioner Michele Romano in the investigation is always helped by the group composed by the trusted Arturo De Luca, Salvo Izzo and Carlo Caputo, the new agent chosen Laura Riccio (former lover of Izzo who takes the place of the inspector Rosanna Croce) and vice-chief Francesco Visentin , who initially will not trust him.