Sabuesos: Season 1

Produced by Plano A Plano, TVE

Directed by Iñaki Mercero, Álvaro Fernández Armero & Jacobo Martos

Sabuesos is a tv series produced by Plano a Plano for the TVE network in Spain. It stars Salva Reina, María Esteve, Thais Blume and the Ramsés (the dog), amongst others.

Max is a Jack Russell dog genetically modified for criminal purposes so he is able to talk. Running away from the criminals whom he is working he is wounded and saved by detective trying-to-be Alberto, who is fired and looking for a home. They end in Marta's home -Alberto's sister in law- who lives with her two children. Thanks to them all Alberto finally manages to be a detective and establishes with Max their detective agency: Sabuesos.