Medici The Magnificent: The Beauty and The Power

Production by LuxVide, BigLight, Rai

Directed by Christian Duguay, Jan Michelini

A few months after the terrible Pazzi Conspiracy, in which his brother Giuliano lost his life, Lorenzo is plagued by a desire for revenge against Pope Sixtus IV, who authorized that bloody attack, and against Count Riario, the last survivor among the conspirators. To no avail, his wife Clarice tries to convince him to find peace with a commitment that saves his soul and the city. It is not enough to give you hope again the discovery that Giuliano has left a son, Giulio, who is welcome to the family. Lorenzo is determined to save his family and Florence, even at the price of losing his soul. While the bank's situation is becoming increasingly unstable, politics has led Lorenzo to renounce past ideals and undermine his relationship with his wife Clarice, especially at the meeting with Ippolita Sforza. Meanwhile, Lorenzo continues to fund the art world, knowing the genius of artists such as Leonardo and Michelangelo. By asserting his increasing power, however, Lorenzo clashes with an unexpected enemy, Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola, who with his sermons inflames the people of Florence against Medici tyranny. The parable of a man struggling with God, a city destined to be the ambassador of beauty and knowledge in the world. A great story of love, passion, adventure and freedom to celebrate the most important years of the Italian Renaissance.