Limestone Cowboy

Production by Take2 Entertainment

Directed by Abigail Mallia

To his mind Karist is The Limestone Cowboy - the heroic protagonist from a tale woven and told by his late father, Noel. To his mind he's the quintessential hero and savior from the American Wild West. But this is Malta, a lazy isle in the Mediterranean, thus to everyone else's mind Karist is unwell, a delusional village imbecile. Karist is a national celebrity and his son John loathes it. For as long as he'd care to remember John has been scaling the corporate ladder, distancing himself from his humiliating beginnings one validating rung at a time. He was doing well too until Tommy joined the fray - Tommy, the magic maker who shot John's mad father to his parabolic apex with a thundering boom for all to behold. The country watches in awe, applause and ridicule as Karist burns brilliantly while John despairs.