Production by Netflix

Produced by Tramp Limited

Directed by Salvo Ficarra & Valentino Picone

Salvo and Valentino, friends and brothers-in-law, are also partners and owners of a company which provides assistance and repair of small household appliances. And at the beginning of the story we see them whizzing through the city streets in their commercial van.

Salvo is a determined and bold man, a man passionate about crime TV series who dreams of a reckless life full of adventures. He is married to Esther, Valentino’s sister, an independent woman in love with her husband, cheerful and passionate. Valentino, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of his brother-in-law. Calm, thoughtful, pleased with the routine of his life. He still lives with his mother Antonietta, a widow and a retired teacher.

The lives of Salvo and Valentino proceed calmly and monotonously until, during what should be a mundane chore at a client's apartment, our two protagonists discover a dead body.

What to do now? How to behave?

Unfortunately, circumstances soon turned out to be unfavourable for Salvo and Valentino. In fact, the tide turns against them in a very short time and suddenly they find themselves STUCK in a "game" which is much bigger than them. A "game" from which they must be able to get out as soon as possible and in the best of ways. The story thus turns, from the very first minutes, to a ‘whodunnit’ and takes on the contours of a laughing thriller. The discovery of the corpse, in fact, marks the beginning of one daring and hilarious adventure full of misunderstandings and twists. An adventure that sees Salvo and Valentino forced to extricate themselves between investigating officers and scrupulous investigators and the less ceremonious investigations of some criminals trying to take advantage of that unexpected lightning-fast murder.

A murder which the local media also talk about a lot as they discover that the deceased, behind the facade of an exemplary professional, concealed a double criminal life full of mysteries and betrayals. Family relationships also contribute to complicate matters further, the affections and the loved ones of our protagonists who are always unstable and turbulent, full of ups and downs, of distances and reconciliation. Reports that leave Salvo and Valentino unsettled and nervous, and who are forced, in spite of themselves, to carry out their "mission" to the end for their good and the good of the women they love, mother-in-law included.

The whole story unfolds, from start to finish, in a whirlwind crescendo paroxysm of frantic gags and hilarious jokes, of hilarious comedy and breathtaking suspense, meticulous investigations and merciless blackmail, ferocious threats and exciting pursuits, of passionate loves, of grotesque situations and blow scenes that always leave you with bated breath and with the eagerness to know and discover what will happen next. Obliged to extricate themselves between the team of law enforcement on the one hand and that of unscrupulous criminals on the other, Salvo and Valentino will contribute, willy-nilly, consciously or not, to unravel the tangled skein that has come about after the discovery of the corpse around which the story revolves.