Gli Orologi del Diavolo

Production by Picomedia, Rai Fiction

Directed by Alessandro Angelini

In the Italian series Gli Orologi del Diavolo (The Devil's Clocks), Marco Merani is a mechanic specializing in the construction of small boats, especially rubber dinghies, for which he owns a shipyard near the Magra river in Northern Italy. He is considered the best in the town where he lives and this does not go unnoticed by a gang of Spanish drug traffickers, who need rubber boats in which to cram the goods and fast enough to be able to sow the police. Suspicious of the requests, Marco asks Mario, a policeman and his personal friend, for help on what to do; in truth the same nucleus has been following the gang for a long time without success, so they are proposed to collaborate with the justice to help them capture the boss.