El Principe

Production by Plano a Plano, Telecinco

Directed by Iñaki Mercero, Javier Quintas, José Ramos Paíno, Alfonso Arandia , Norberto López Amado

El Príncipe is a Spanish television series of drama and suspense created by Aitor Gabilondo and César Benítez for Telecinco. The series, produced by Mediaset Spain in collaboration with Plano a Plano, is aimed at a young audience. Its plot is centred on the love between a Christian policeman from the Spanish mainland and the young Muslim sister of a drug trafficker. Most of the stories are set in the troubled El Príncipe Alfonso neighbourhood of Ceuta, near the border with Morocco.

The series debuted on February 4, 2014 in Spain with a multichannel broadcast that gave high viewing rates. On its launch it obtained 21.9% viewing rate (27.7% in multichannel) and was leader in all its broadcasts during the first season. The project's history goes back to October 27, 2011, when the company Mediaset Spain Communication announced they had in mind a new project based on the detective genre. The show is set on the fight against drug trafficking; its plot revolves around the presence of a policeman stationed in Ceuta who tries to fight drug trafficking between Spain and Africa, and who is pursuing a Moroccan leader whose younger sister falls in love with him. The main character of the series is Spanish actor José Coronado, who had starred in the film No Rest for the Wicked in the role of Santos Trinidad as a police inspector - this film was produced by the same company and was a big success at the box office.