Production by Netflix UK

When a dead body appears in the streets of London, it seems like business as usual for the detective working the case. Unbeknownst to her, that same victim shows up in the same spot across three other points in time: in 1890, during the Victorian era; 1941, some of Britain’s darkest days of World War II; and 30 years in the future. As the investigations converge, they reveal a sinister conspiracy that threatens London.

Created by Paul Tomalin and based on the graphic novel by Si Spencer, Bodies is part sci-fi, part murder mystery, part period drama, and part police procedural. The series stars Amaka Okafor, Emmy nominee Shira Haas, Olivier Award winner Kyle Soller, and SAG Award winner Stephen Graham.

So what’s the vibe? It’s “mind-snapping,” Tomalin told Netflix. “It’s a police-procedural show that shifts and transforms from moment to moment, so you never know what’s coming next… This is a kinetic, ambitious thrill ride — a wolf in [a] detective drama’s clothing.”

“When I heard that [directors] Marco Kreuzpaintner and Haolu Wang were combining to do the series, that sold it for me,” Graham, who plays a sinister authoritarian leader in the series, told Netflix. “Writers Paul Tomalin and Danusia Samal did an amazing job of keeping it fresh and exciting.”