Bla Bla Baby

Production by Eliseo, Rai Cinema

Produced by Luca Barbareschi, Claudio Gaeta

Directed by Fausto Brizzi

All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it. - ANTOINE DE SAINT- EXUPERY

An inhumane scream in the night. A mother and a father waking up instantaneously. “What does he have now? Did he lose his dummy??” “Is he thirsty?” “Stomachache?” “Did he fall from his bed?” Or does he just want to be annoying? What if there exists a man with the right answer? A man who can speak with babies. BLA BLA BABY is the first film in which children have their own say. Luca, a janitor who works in the nursery school of a multinational corporation, finds out he has a superpower: he can speak with babies. From his point of view , they speak to him normally, however, for everybody else they are “jabberwocky”.
Thanks to his talent and to his little helpers, he will win over one of the babies’ mothers’ heart. In the meantime he will save the corporation and his project from a perfidious CEO.