Agatha and the Midnight Murders

Production by Darlow Smithson Productions, Channel 5

Directed by Joe Stephenson

Opening in London in 1940 during The Blitz, it sees Christie decide to kill off her most famous creation – Hercule Poirot! Christie reckons she should be a rich woman after writing twelve novels about the Belgian detective in six years. But she is struggling with money as the tax authorities in America and the UK investigate her. She has a plan though. She wants to sell the novel of Poirot’s death to a superfan private buyer. The superfan will pay to keep Poirot alive! And Christie decides that Travis Pickford, a charmer and one-time murder suspect she met years ago during her eleven-day disappearance, is the perfect man to broker the deal. Travis agrees his cut and then arranges a late night exchange at an infamous London hotel. What could possibly go wrong?