An introduction to VFX Compositing

Students at Stargate Studios Malta Academy will acquire specialised knowledge and skills in specific areas of Visual Effects, all while being shaped into industry-ready hires. As the perfect entry point into the exciting world of VFX, Stargate has chosen to launch its academy with a course on compositing.

This 12-week programme has been designed as a gateway for aspiring artists to ready themselves for the high-demand field of compositing. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to 2D, covering essential skills such as seamless layer compositing, rotoscoping, prep work, keying, camera tracking, and colour correction.

Through practical learning, participants will familiarise themselves with industry-standard software like Nuke and gain insights into the reality of professional studios and pipelines.


  • Benefit from 120 hours of intensive direct tuition with professional and experienced artists
  • Showcase compositing abilities and refine artists' showreels by utilising tailor-made cinematic resources
  • Enjoy the perks of learning within an international studio and utilising state-of-the-art equipment
  • Gain access to a free Nuke student license
  • Build direct relationships for internship opportunities with Stargate Studios Malta
  • Get the latest skills which are in demand by studios


The VFX Compositing Course for beginners spans four months, with 120 hours of direct tuition from the Stargate team and 60 hours of time allocated for practical assignments spread over the 12 weeks. Students will be expected to attend two weekly onsite lessons and one online session. Then, during their fourth and final month, students will receive mentorship and guidance from the Stargate team as they build their own compositing reels with the footage and assets provided by Stargate.


During the first month, students will be introduced to the key tenets of VFX and breakdowns of the workflow. They will also acquire the skills to carry out all the prep for their shots.

WEEK 1 / Intro
VFX pipeline
Light and digital images properties
Node based comp vs layer based comp
Nuke UI introduction

WEEK 2 / Roto & Tracking
2D tracking and transformation
Animation basics in Nuke
Roto intro
Combine 2D tracking and roto
Roto human movements

WEEK 3 / Clean-ups Basics
Planer Tracker & Mocha
Rotopaint intro
Painting in Nuke (marker removal)
Clean plates & rig removal

WEEK 4 / Intermediate Clean up & Painting 
Smart vectors
Warping and morphing
Advanced prep work
Matching footage grain



The second month of the compositing course will focus on teaching students the core principles and techniques for blending and integrating the various elements of a shot.

WEEK 5 / Keying
Introduction to keying methods
Different keyers introduction
Additive keying
Edge blending techniques
Intermediate keying project

WEEK 6 / Grading
Basic grading concepts
Linear workflow
Colour management
Colour matching

WEEK 7 / Defocus, Motion Blur and Filters
Defocus vs blur
Motion blur matching to live footage
Lens artefacts replicating
Time nodes

WEEK 8 / Camera Tracking
Introduction to the 3D interface
Lens distortion
Nuke camera tracking
Introduction to 3DEqualizer




During the third month of direct tuition, students will be faced with more complex scenarios, all the while consolidating their skills in preparation for actual studio work.

WEEK 9 / Nuke 3D Projections
Camera projections vs UV projection
Projection concept
Advanced painting and roto techniques

WEEK 10 / Compositing CG
Channels vs layers
What are AOVs & difference between (Arnold, Vray and Renderman)
Beauty vs utility passes
CG compositing shot

WEEK 11 / Integration application Live and CG
Integration of live footage over live footage
CG integration over live footage
Stock footages skills (smoke/blood/muzzle flashes)

WEEK 12 / Finalizing showreel & final project prep
Showreel tips
Nuke script optimisations
Advanced shot workshop




The last month of the course will see students putting all of their newly acquired skills into practice. They will be guided and mentored by the Stargate team as they prepare their unique showreels.

The completion of the VFX Compositing Course at our academy marks a significant milestone for aspiring visual effects artists. As part of this process, we dedicate substantial time and effort to guide our students in the development of a polished and professional showreel and portfolio. This crucial step empowers them to effectively showcase their unique talents, acquired skills, and creative vision to potential employers in the industry.

Our experienced instructors provide personalized feedback and mentorship throughout the showreel and portfolio preparation process. This ensures that each student's work highlights their mastery of compositing techniques, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to diverse project requirements. By compiling a strong and diverse body of work, our students demonstrate their readiness to embark on a successful career in the competitive world of visual effects.

In essence, the culmination of the VFX Compositing Course at our academy goes beyond simply imparting technical knowledge. It equips our students with the tools and confidence to present themselves as accomplished professionals, ready to make their mark in the visual effects industry.


Those interested in participating in this course are to be at least 16 years of age. Applicants are to submit the following:

  • A duly filled-in online application form.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of written and spoken English.
  • A copy of Passport/national ID.
  • Education-related documents (copies of certificates and/or transcripts of any Course, especially those related to the highest academic level achieved).
  • A short biography that tells us more about you.
  • A portfolio of any artistic, photographic or other related material.
  • One reference letter.


We have developed a full course fee refund opportunity.

The conditions for accessing the refund scheme are:

  • Enroll in our VFX Compositing Course
  • Successfully conclude the course
  • Prove your worth and get hired as a VFX Compositor by Stargate Studios Malta Ltd
  • Remain employed with Stargate Studios Malta Ltd as a VFX Compositor for three years and you will receive a pro-rata refund every 12 months

If you wish to know more, contact us by sending an email to:


A non-refundable processing fee of €15 is due upon submission of application.

Once submitted, applications will be screened and a shortlist for interviews will be selected. Please note that it is not possible to amend the application once it
has been submitted.

Once shortlisted, candidates will be invited to attend an interview - preferably in person. During the interview, prospective candidates will have an opportunity to really demonstrate why they should be selected. Candidates will be asked a series of questions discussing some of the information provided in the application form. The panel will ask questions that will enable applicants to explain their personal and professional aspirations, and how this Course can facilitate the candidates achieving their goals.

Additional information may be requested should the need arise.

After the interviews, all applicants will be informed of the outcome of their interview by the end of May.

If you wish to discuss your circumstances before applying, contact us by sending an email to:



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