At Stargate Studios Malta, we are deeply committed to cultivating the next generation of visual effects artists by offering comprehensive and cutting-edge educational programmes. For over a decade, we have established fruitful collaborations with local academic institutions and esteemed industry professionals, including the acclaimed film director Roland Joffe. Our unique partnerships enable us to provide students with immersive experiences and specialised knowledge in filmmaking and visual effects.

Our academy's hands-on, practical approach focuses on developing essential skills and fostering the right mindset, ensuring that our students excel in the fast-paced and dynamic world of VFX. In turn, this contributes to the continuous growth and success of the Maltese film industry.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to address specific industry requirements and roles, transforming our students into industry-ready professionals. By fully integrating them into our bustling studio environment, we nurture their passion and drive while enhancing their comprehension of the critical role VFX artists play in contemporary content creation.

As we educate and mentor these promising individuals, our mission is to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the future of the film industry - one student at a time.