Minimum 1 year contract

Stargate Studios Malta is looking for a Paint and Roto Artist to join its team. The role calls for a digital artist to work closely with our compositors; preparing shots for the integration of CG and live action elements into creating visual effects shots. This includes creating roto mattes for CG and DMP hold-outs as well as using various techniques and softwares to remove items such as wires, rigs and tracking markers. The ideal candidate should be extremely organised and motivated, with the desire to work within a team.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Knowledge of creating roto mattes for Compositors
  • Experience using patches and frame-by-frame painting techniques to remove rigs and tracking markers
  • Creating foreground mattes for use within CG/compositing software and DMPs
  • Having an understanding of 2D/3D tracking
  • Having an understanding of the 3D environment within Nuke, being able to use geo data to project clean plates
  • Demonstrating a willingness to learn new techniques and software and to sharing this knowledge with other artists in the department
  • Ready to relocate to Malta.