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  • spanish tv series el príncipe now airing

  • With the complexities of shooting a whole television series in El Principe, a tough district in Ceuta (a small Spanish peninsula in the tip of Morocco), the Spanish production company Plano a Plano was faced with the difficult task of looking at alternatives to shoot 13 episodes of a script set in Ceuta. Thankfully, the work already produced by Stargate Studios Malta proved integral in devising a solution to integrate footage shot on set in Madrid with digital backdrops flimed in Ceuta. The Stargate Malta team traveled to Ceuta and meticulously captured a series of moving 360 degree vistas and driving shots which would be then superimposed behind main unit footage shot in Madrid.

    In doing so, the Spanish production team would alleviate security concerns whilst cutting down on costs. Thanks to Stargate's VIRTUAL BACKLOT system, actors seem like they are walking round the streets of Ceuta, whilst in actual fact they are performing 720Km away in the comfort and controlled environment of the Madrid Studios.

    A feature on the work we have produced could be seen HERE

    El Principe is being aired on Telecinco, every Tuesday at 2200Hrs CET.

  • Stargate malta, a studio STRATEGICALLY located right in the CENTER of the mediterranean

  • The Stargate Digital Network has now connected the Maltese islands to the rest of the Stargate group. Malta has traditionally offered extensive film services to international productions, be it for TV or feature film, earning itself a place in the halls of fame with movies such as Gladiator, Troy, Munich, U571 and the Count of Monte Cristo amongst others. HBO's Game of thrones also shot extensive principal photography on the island for its first season and more recently SKY1 has just wrapped its 7 months of production on Sinbad.

    With such epics shooting on a regular basis, it made perfect sense for Stargate Studios to now offer the added value through a local reality by bringing the power of VFX, in both production and post production, to our shores. Malta featured on Stargate's timeline 10 years ago, when TNT's mini series 'Helen of Troy' shot 100% of production here. Sam Nicholson, founder and CEO of Stargate Studios worked the show for 2 months and took a vivid interest in the local potential. Over the years, he has invested in training and building what today has become Stargate Studios Malta. Local production company 'The Bigger Picture' founded by Matthew Pullicino and David Serge have provided the artistic, technical and professional basis on which to ground this project.

    Stargate Studios Malta is now a reality that is working on projects being shot all over Europe, its ideal geographic location allowing its supervisors to fly to most sets within a couple of hours. Rome, Paris, Prague, London and other European cities all being well within our reach. Our sister company, Stargate Studios Berlin, has also become a natural partner to manage the work at hand. The Virtual Backlot has become another way that Stargate Studios Malta interfaces with the day to day needs of shows that the group works on. Acquiring background library plates from a base in the centre of the Mediterranean becomes easier and more cost effective. The local crew is now proficient in the technologies used in building the award winning VB library.

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